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Live monitoring: Video • Audio • Camera • Screen • Calls • SMS • Saved Photos • Deleted Photos • GPS Locations • Incoming Messages from WhatsApp / Facebook / Viber / Telegram / Vk etc. • Keylogger of all entered text in any app • Calendar • Contacts • And Many More...

Effective Business Process Management!

AllTracker Business provides you with a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling your business processes. With our application, you can gather detailed data on all devices operating under the Android operating system and take full control of your company.
Track the real-time location of your employees and analyze their movements over the previous days. Simply install AllTracker on corporate devices, equip them in vehicles, and always stay updated on their current whereabouts. This not only enhances the security of your assets but also allows you to optimize logistics and work processes.
Comprehensive device and employee activity data will help you easily understand what's happening within your company. You can monitor employees' physical activity, track their communications, and view scheduled meetings and events in their calendars. AllTracker Business is your reliable partner in effective business process management, providing you with full control and confidence in every aspect of your company.

Equip Your Office with Video Surveillance!

AllTracker provides a simple and affordable solution for implementing video surveillance in your office. Forget about complex and expensive surveillance systems, as well as the costs of laying cables. Simply install the application on mobile devices and place them around the office. Our solutions allow you to utilize existing internet connections via Wi-Fi or mobile networks.
With AllTracker, you can connect to the cameras and microphones of the installed devices at any time and view real-time activities in your office. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and widespread accessibility, our application ensures peace of mind and control over the working environment, guaranteeing the security and efficiency of your office.
AllTracker also offers additional security features. Receive notifications about sound detections and instant camera snapshots, enabling the application to function as a reliable alarm system. This level of monitoring allows you to respond promptly to any potentially unsafe situations in the office, ensuring real-time protection for your business.

Ensure Company Security and Employee Efficiency!

Monitor employees' actions while using company devices and ensure a high level of cybersecurity. Examine the usage history and list of installed applications on monitored devices to prevent the risk of unwanted or malicious software, which could lead to the leakage of confidential company data. You can also evaluate the performance and efficiency of your staff, ultimately contributing to the optimization of business processes and the enhancement of financial indicators.
Control access to unreliable websites and monitor employee correspondence to prevent potential incidents and safeguard the confidentiality of company information.
The built-in keylogger helps identify key words and phrases that may indicate an attempt to transmit confidential information to third parties. You can also track instances of password attempts and record device usage during working hours for purposes not related to primary job responsibilities.
If you have suspicions about any employee, you can connect to their device screen in real-time, allowing you to observe how the device is being used at any moment. Reliable control over employee actions with AllTracker Business ensures effective management and security for your enterprise.

Available FREE-Features:


Check the status of battery, phone call, network connections, GPS, screen status (on/off), memory usage, and others. Monitor the current location, last used app, report on the collected data and much more.

Access the real-time geographical coordinates of the designated device through an interactive map interface, facilitating continuous monitoring and precise location awareness
Call recording

Easily access and playback all your phone conversations whenever you need!
Not available in Family and Business versions.
Available in Anti-Theft version.
Activity tracking

Access the insights into the physical movements of the device owner, including details on walking, running, standing, and driving activities for a view of their daily routines!

Available PRO-Features:

SMS tracking

Monitor and read incoming, outgoing and deleted SMS!
Not available in Family version.
Available in Anti-Theft and Business versions.
Call log monitoring

Retrieve a detailed list of the most recent incoming and outgoing calls for easy tracking and management of the communication history!
Not available in Family version.
Available in Anti-Theft and Business versions.
Calendar access

Stay informed about plans and appointments on monitored device, with the ability to view up to 500 upcoming events effortlessly!
Contact list monitoring

Access a complete list of contacts with detailed information, ensuring easy retrieval and management of all necessary contact details.
Installed apps

Easily access and view a comprehensive list of all the applications currently installed on the device.
App usage statistics

Monitor and analyze detailed statistics on app usage, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of how the device's applications are utilized over time.
Location history

Track and visualize the historical movement trajectory of the monitored device on a map, providing comprehensive insights into its past locations and routes and activities.
Unlocking photos

Monitor and track all instances of device unlocking or attempted access, providing photos who has attempted to unlock or successfully unlocked the monitored device.
Notification monitoring

Keep track of incoming messages from various apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Gmail, Instagram, Telegram and more, for comprehensive oversight and seamless monitoring.
Sound recording

Capture and playback the ambient sounds from the device's surroundings via the microphone, enabling comprehensive monitoring and retrieval of audio data for enhanced situational awareness.
Photo gallery access

Explore and access a collection of images and photos stored in photo gallery on the monitored device, including those from various messengers, emails, or captured via the device's camera.
Remote camera access

Capture images using the front or rear camera of the monitored device, allowing you to view the photos directly on your own device.
Camera streaming

Access remote real-time video streaming from any of the device's cameras, enabling immediate viewing and monitoring of live video footage for enhanced situational awareness and oversight.
Video library access

Explore and view video files, each up to 100 MB in size, stored on the monitored device, including those received via various messengers, emails, or captured using the device's camera.
Screen streaming

Witness real-time activities on the device's screen as they occur, allowing for immediate monitoring and oversight of all on-screen actions and activities.
Mic streaming

Listen in on real-time audio captured by the device's microphone, enabling immediate monitoring and oversight of the surrounding audio environment.
Audio file access

Listen to all audio files, including music and voice messages from various messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, VK, and more, stored on the monitored device.
Deleted photos

Retrieve and view previously deleted pictures and photos, ensuring comprehensive access to visual content that has been removed from the device's storage.
Live location tracking

Monitor the live movement of the device on a map, including its speed, ensuring immediate oversight and comprehensive tracking of its real-time location and velocity.
Request history

Access a log of previously sent requests to the target device, with a storage span of 30 days, ensuring the ability to track and review the history of all past communication and interaction attempts.
File archive

Access the collection of all previously uploaded files to the server, with an archived storage period of 30 days.

Available ULTIMATE-Features:


Track and monitor all text entries on the target device, including chat messages from e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, VK, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and more. as well as website addresses entered on the browser in visible or incognito mode.
Not available in Family version.
Available in Anti-Theft and Business versions.
Browser history

Keep an eye on all websites visited on the target device, whether the browser is in incognito mode or not. Supported browsers include Chrome, Opera, Opera Mini, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Tor, ensuring thorough oversight of online activities.
Not available in Family version.
Available in Anti-Theft and Business versions.
Telegram media access

Access and retrieve all media files transmitted via Telegram, including audio, voice messages, videos, and photos sent through this messaging application.
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