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Live monitoring: Video Audio Screen Calls SMS Camera Saved Photos Deleted Photos GPS Locations Incoming Messages from WhatsApp / Facebook / Viber / Telegram / Vk etc. Calendar Contacts And Many More...

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Control your business processes!

With AllTracker, you can collect detailed data on all your Android devices. For example, find out where your employees are at the moment, as well as view the movement history of all company devices over the last few days. This way you can equip company cars with cell phones and always be aware of where they are.

Detailed information about the device will help to compose a picture of what is happening in your company at any time; for example, find out the physical activity of any employee, whether he is in a conversation, if so, with whom. View events recorded in the calendar to know where and for what reason your employee is now and much more!

Improve cybersecurity and employee productivity!

Track employee activity while using company devices.

View the history of use and the entire list of installed apps on target devices. By doing this, you can prevent the use of unwanted or malicious software that could leak confidential business data, as well as evaluate the performance of your employees.

Control employee visits to untrusted websites and communications to prevent unwanted incidents and keep confidential business data safe.

The built-in keylogger will help to identify keywords and phrases that may be considered as an attempt to transfer confidential information to third parties, as well as track the facts of guessing access passwords and record the facts of using the device during working hours for purposes not related to direct official duties.

If you have any suspicions about one of the employees, then connect to the screen of his device at any time and watch live how this device is used.

Equip your office with video surveillance!

No need to buy expensive video surveillance systems and waste time connecting kilometers of cables. It is enough to install AllTracker on the phones and link them around the office. All you need on the phone is access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

You can connect to the camera and microphone of the desired phone at any time and watch a live stream of what is happening in the office.


Overview of the most important: battery status, phone call status, network connections, GPS, screen status, memory usage, etc., as well as current location, used app, report on the collected data and much more.


Find out where on the map is the lost or stolen phone!

Call recordings

Listen to the recordings of all telephone conversations!


Get information about the physical activity of the owner of the device when he was walking, running, standing still or driving in a car!


Read incoming, outgoing and deleted SMS!

Call log

Get a list of recent calls!


See up to 500 events in the calendar!


Get all contacts with details!

Installed apps

View the list of all installed apps!

Usage statistics

Check app usage statistics!

Location history

See the path of movement of the monitored device on the map!

Unlocking photos

See who unlocked or tried to unlock the monitored device!


View incoming messages from the notification panel from any apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and all others!

Sound record

Record and listen to the surround sound from the microphone!


View pictures and photos stored on a monitored device! They can be from various messengers, emails or made on camera!


Take photos on the front or rear camera of the monitored device and look at it on your device!

Camera streaming

Watch live video streaming from any of the cameras!


View videos (up to 100 MB per file) stored on a monitored device! They can be from various messengers, emails or made on camera!

Screen streaming

See live what's happening on the screen!

Mic streaming

Listen to the live audio from the microphone!

Deleted photos

View deleted pictures and photos!

Location tracking

Watch the movement of the device on the map in real time!

Request history

See one of the requests previously sent to the target device! The request history is stored for 30 days.

File archive

See all files previously uploaded to the server! The file archive is stored for 30 days.


Monitor all text entries on the target device. These include: all chat messages, for example from WhatsApp, VK, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, etc. Also entered website addresses in the browser, regardless of whether the browser is in visible or incognito mode.

Browser history

Monitor all the visited websites on the target device, regardless of whether the browser is in incognito mode or not. Supported browsers: Chrome, Opera, Opera Mini, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Tor.