New Module: Video Surveillance


AllTracker Video Surveillance

Dear AllTracker users!
We are currently working on a new concept for the AllTracker app, which aims to divide the entire functionality into separate modules.
Each module is a separate app that will include one function or combine several similar functions. The new concept of the app is planned to support both devices running on the Android and on the iOS systems.

Thus, on the device from which control will be carried out, you have to install only one app: AllTracker Control Center, which will support all possible modules. In turn, only those modules that you need will be installed on the target device. Due to this, you will have the following advantages:

  The target device will not be overloaded with unnecessary functionality, as a result of saving battery power.

  Antiviruses will not consider the app as suspicious, because the app will have fewer permissions to access the device.

  Support by the AllTracker Control Center, which makes it possible to receive notifications on various events and faster communication with the target device.

  Not only breaking down by modules, but also adding new functionality, as well as reworking old code for new OS versions.

  Android and iOS support.

So, we are pleased to inform you that the first module – AllTracker Video Surveillance – is already available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

What does the “AllTracker Video Surveillance” module include?

  all functions of live-streaming (camera and sound streaming, on Android system additional screen streaming);

  display high-quality video in real time; the connection will be faster and better;

  sound detector and receiving notifications when a certain volume level is reached; using the app as a baby monitor, you can see and hear your baby anytime, anywhere. You can react in time when the baby starts crying. The app can also be used to monitor private property, it can help to prevent the theft or unwanted intrusion;

  two-way audio communication between devices; for example, when you hear that your child is crying, you can talk and calm the baby while you are not around;

  unlimited number of remote smartphones/tablets to control;

  switch between front and rear camera;

  using the built-in flashlight;

  connection in the background (when the application is not open) on the Android system.

One subscription - unlimited number of connected devices! If you already have an active PRO or ULTIMATE subscription, no matter for how many devices, then you can connect the new module at no extra cost.

The AllTracker Video Surveillance app must be installed on the target device that will be used as an IP camera. On the device from which you will control, you need to install the AllTracker Control Center app. Through it, you can also purchase subscriptions and collect daily bonuses.

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