Updated Video Surveillance 1.4.0

Updated Video Surveillance 1.4.0*

Unlocking photos

You’ve asked for it - we did it! While unlocking the device, the app can take a photo from the front and back camera of the device at the same time. Now you will not only be aware of who is using your device, but also where this person is located!
In addition, now you can receive notifications in the Control Center every time the target device is unlocked!


Take a picture from any of the cameras of the controlled device in the background! Now this function is faster, shows the availability of the camera and flash in real time. A history of requests for the last 30 days is also available.


In addition to battery status, we've added information about whether the display is currently on or off and how long it's been in that state.

*The listed functions work only on target devices running the Android operating system. These features are not implemented in iOS.

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